The coastal area of the island of Kefalonia is 254 km and with its spectacular beaches that are among the largest, picturesque and clean in all Greece.
The coasts of Kefalonia offer a true paradise for lovers of sandy beaches and no shortage of beautiful bays ideal for snorkeling.
Kefalonia offers both beaches for tourists and inlets where you can find peace and relax even in August.

To see the beaches, one by one, select from the map the coastal area or click on its name.

West coast

In the north, the west coast has small beautiful bays such as Assos; going down, there are long sandy beaches in very large gulfs.
Going further south down, the coast falls sheer on the sea and the few creeks are accessible only by sea.
Finally, in the southern part of the Paliki peninsula there are the famous beaches with the red sand: "Xi" and "Mega Lakos".

East coast

The east area is characterized by large parts of the coast not reachable by car but also by spectacular beaches including the well-known Antisamos and Skala.
From this part of the coast it is easy to reach Ithaca which is just opposite.

South coast

The south coast has a gulf between Argostoli and Lixouri which offers few beaches; the area of Lassi which are many beautiful bays one after the other and the rest of the coast has long sandy beaches with a crystal clear sea.


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